A Cowboy's Life: Yeah, We're In The Rockies!

Yeah, We're In The Rockies!

5:00:00 AM

We just got back from spending 10 wonderful days in Colorado. Our time was filled with hiking, alpine slides, swimming, evening drives and simply being outside enjoying the cooler weather. Before we went, I had spent about a week telling Carson the weather will be wonderful and he wouldn’t have to worry about being hot the entire time we are in the mountains.
WRONG! The first 2 days was spent in Denver so we could explore the city and go to a Rockies game. We only stayed about 3 innings because of the heat. As we were driving back to our hotel, little man says to me “I don’t know who thought it would be cool here, but it’s not!” He continued to tell me that Colorado felt like Texas.

I assured him that once we are in Steamboat Springs the weather would be perfect. Thankfully that was true. After our time in Denver watching the baseball game, visiting the capital building and seeing the statues my husband designed for the Broncos, we were all ready for a week in the ski town. We couldn’t have asked for a better time!

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