A Cowboy's Life: 5 Funny Movies Parents Should Watch

5 Funny Movies Parents Should Watch

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  1. Knocked Up - I don’t care how “prepared” you are to bring a baby into this world, I feel that at times everyone is this clueless. There certainly isn’t anything like having a kid that will make you grow up in a heartbeat.
  2. This is 40 - Things just got real! Marriage and middle age sets in and you have to deal the struggles & frustrations. But in the end, the craziness is worth it all. 
  3. Parenthood - I think we can all relate to the struggles of parenting. Trying to be the BEST parent, but no matter what we seem to fail. 
  4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - I think every dad should strive to be a little like Clark Griswold. We can all relate to having difficult relatives and Clark sure does handle them nicely! 
  5. Four Christmases - When we hit a wall and realize that our lives are missing something. But behind the secrets, crazy families and difficult situations it can make you a stronger couple. And see what kind of parent you don’t want to be!

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  1. I've seen all of them except for the last one. Have a great weekend.


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