A Cowboy's Life: Meet Bob, He's Wonderful

Meet Bob, He's Wonderful

9:54:00 PM

My cleaning load just got a little lighter! The bObsweep PetHair Plus has taken over my least favorite cleaning job around the house. With my new favorite appliance, I simply plug him in so that he has a full charge and then let him get to sweeping up my floors. I let him do his job while I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and by the time the food was on the table, the living room floor was clean. Bonus points for keeping my son entertained the entire time.
When you first set up Bob all you need to do is insert the batteries, add the side brush, charge, and flip on the power and press go on the machine or with the remote. Then sit back and watch him do your chore for you. Best part is he gladly does it with no complaining!

Each box includes: 
charging station
mop attachment
block (so that you can set up a line so that she knows not to vacuum past that spot)
2 moping cloths
2 side brushes
side bumpers
This is perfect for those with pets that seem to get hair everywhere. Or if you have hardwood floors and dust constantly settles on the floor. He gets in every corner and makes sure the floor is spotless before heading back to her charging station. You can also set up a traffic pattern for Bob and tell him exactly where you want him to clean. It seriously doesn’t get any better than this!

Here is a little snippet of him hard at work:

Bob is great for hassle free cleaning and making your life a little more easy. You click here to find out how you can adopt a bObsweep and welcome this robotic family member into your home!

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