A Cowboy's Life: My Country Boy

My Country Boy

9:13:00 AM

My son LOVES being out in the country. He dreams about it. Makes plans for our future land we want. Enjoys planning our next getaway to a cabin.

So of course we said yes when my sister invited us out to East Texas for a weekend at their property. Carson spent the entire time outside - we could barely get him inside to eat dinner! He did everything from riding four wheelers, shooting guns (and killing a snake), cutting down trees, riding tractors and star gazing. It doesn’t get much better for this guy. Best part was that I got to go shopping with the girls and he didn’t even realize I was gone!
It was a wonderful getaway, but he was a little sad when we had to leave and head back home. I promised him many more trips to the country. But until then he will be dreaming and telling everyone he sees that he cut down a tree with a REAL ax.


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