A Cowboy's Life: 3 Things I Wish Would Go Away

3 Things I Wish Would Go Away

6:00:00 AM

Either I’m getting old or I’m simply old school. But there are a few things that are on my nerves that need to go away! Please tell me I’m not the only one.

  1. Men wearing skinny jeans. Take off your sisters pants and put on your big boy britches. I have yet to see a 40 year old man look attractive (or manly) in too small of pants. 
  2. Acid wash mom jeans & shorts. Haven’t we all seen the SNL skit to know better? The 80’s have come & gone for a reason. 
  3. #Blessed. So over used! While standing in line at for a cupcake at Sprinkles a few weeks ago, I overhears several teenage girls talking. One mentioned how amazing some app was and how the update was life changing. Her friend chimed in with, “yea, #blessed!” Um…no I wouldn’t call that a blessing. 
There are plenty more that I could to the list, but I will leave it at my top 3. What do you wish would go away right now?

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  1. I laughed out loud!!! Funny because my teenage daughter likes the mom shorts. I hated those then and certainly don't want them to come back.

  2. lol...These 3 could definitely find space on my list of "things I wish would go away"! I really wish acronyms would completely disappear. They are slowly taking over the English language, OMG, IKR?

  3. I happen to like skinny jeans on my hubby. I buy them all the time for him. As long as there not spandex lol

  4. Haha! I'm impressed you could narrow it down to 3. I think I'd have a hard time getting to 10!

  5. Lol men in skinny jeans should never have happened. As for #Blessed, some people don't know what a true blessing is.

  6. I also wish that girl!Especially the men in skinny jeans omg I hate that.

  7. Yes to all three of those! I especially don't like people using #blessed in their humble brag posts on Facebook e.g. Taking off for Greece now for a two week cruise. #Blessed.


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