A Cowboy's Life: Walkin’ Around in Muddy Boots

Walkin’ Around in Muddy Boots

10:20:00 AM

I love little boys! They are funny, sweet and always dirty. The other day while playing outside, Carson wanted some water to soften the ground to make digging a little easier. I agreed and told him I would bring him out a cup of water. But as I was walking inside I saw the water hose against the house and said why not?! Who cares if he gets all muddy or if the backyard is a complete mess. When he’s done, we will have an early bath time.
I look at these photos and see the joy in his face and I am so thankful for those muddy boots. My little construction worker had a blast and I enjoyed watching him get his little hands dirty.

The season of life we are in right now is so hard. But I am glad we slowed down enough to enjoy being outside and the little joys that life brings us.

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