A Cowboy's Life: The Kid Behind The Blog {December}

The Kid Behind The Blog {December}

3:49:00 PM

I am joining a few bloggers and participating in the Kids Behind the Blog Q&A. I love hearing all the funny things that Carson says, so I thought I would interview him with a few Christmas themed questions.

  1. Which reindeer is your favorite? Francine or Rudolph. Yea Rudolph because his nose can glow! 
  2. What do you want for Christmas? A really big tool chest that can open at the top…with tools in it! 
  3. Do you want it to snow on Christmas? Why? Heck yea! That way I can sled down the hill, see a snow plow and shovel the driveway. 
  4. If Santa asked you to fly in his sleigh would you do it? Sure would, I love flying. 
  5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? The one when the boy shoots his eye out. 
You can head over to Hall Around Texas to link up your post or read what other kiddos have shared.

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  1. These are some funny answers!The one where the boy shoots his eye out, huh?!

  2. Great answers! :) Where did he get Francine from??

    1. I have no clue! He clearly doesn't know his reindeers:)


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