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Easy Latte Recipe

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My morning coffee is essential and no way can I be a functioning human being without it. Especially when my motor mouth son wakes up ready to discuss the differences between the North American and African porcupines (or whatever creature is being featured on Wild Kratts.) I need a jolt to wake me up if I’m going to engage in that conversation while getting him ready for school!
Thankfully, my mom picks up little man on Thursdays and takes him to preschool so I can have one morning a week to myself. It’s glorious, and she is a lifesaver. Those days I brew my coffee and indulge in a latte in bed, enjoy the silence and catch up on a little reading.
No need to run to a coffee shop anymore, you can make a delicious latte with International Delight® One Touch Latte™ available at Walmart, in the dairy section with the coffee creamers. This frothing coffee creamer can turn any boring cup of joe into a sweet and creamy, frothy, foam topped latte. Yes, it really is that fantastic!
You can make a latte in 3 easy steps. 
Step 1 - Fill cup 2/3 with coffee to leave room for froth.
Step 2 - Shake the One Touch Latte™ can.
Step 3 - Press and hold the can above coffee for 5-7 seconds and enjoy!
You can check out this video on how to make the perfect latte.
It’s available in 3 flavors - caramel, vanilla and mocha. There are about 7 uses in each can.
You can get more great latte inspiration here. Are you a latte drinker? What is your favorite flavor?

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  1. Your son sounds hilarious :) And yeah I'd need coffee too if I were to have that discussion early in the morning lol! This latte looks delicious and so easy to make! And I bet it's way cheaper than the coffee shop version too!

  2. I just made a warm drink and hate the flavor. Wish I had seen this post first.

  3. My daughter is going to love this! I'm not sure where her love for latte came from, but she can drink them any time of day!

  4. Well I love a good latte recipe. This looks so yummy! I should try it out!

  5. It is great that your mom lets you have at least a morning all to yourself. I wish I could have one of those days too! Anyway, the One Touch Latte is awesome. I have that too at home and even if I am always in a rush, I try to find time to slow down and make myself a cup of delicious latte.

  6. Oooo this latte sounds all sorts of tasty!!! I will definitely be giving you recipe a try. Deliciousness

  7. This is pretty great for me because I used to go to Starbucks every single morning for breakfast and ordered a soy latte before work. Now I live 70 miles away from the closest Starbucks so making it at home is not only saving me money, but CRUCIAL since there's no where else to get one!

  8. Looks so pretty. I've never had a latte myself, I'm not a big fan but this I could really try! looks yummy! - Jeanine

  9. Oh my word...I had no idea this was out there! I'm definitely going to have to try it out! I'm a caramel fan through and through!


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