A Cowboy's Life: Pioneer Woman Mercantile + Things to Know Before you Visit

Pioneer Woman Mercantile + Things to Know Before you Visit

5:25:00 PM

We started spring break with a road trip to Pawhuska, Oklahoma home of The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. My sister and I have followed her blog for the last 8 years or so and when she announced plans to open a store and bakery years ago, we plans to go once it opened.

The five hour drive from Fort Worth was worth the drive! We spent the night in Bartlesville which is about 30 minutes from Pawhuska. We left the hotel at 8:15 Monday morning in hopes to beat the crowd and get seated in the restaurant quickly.
Wrong! We ended up waiting outside for 2 hours. We took turns waiting outside in the line, while the others went up to the 2nd floor where the bakery is located. There is a large sitting area and checkers to keep little ones entertained (or for the men who got dragged to the shop.)

Once seated we started off with sweet iced tea (which is only $.25) which might possibly be the best tea I have ever had. Then within 15 minutes after ordering, our food was served - was impressed with such quick service. We had the quesadilla, nachos and the famous chicken fried steak. Portions are enormous and each entree was mouthwatering!

After enjoying our lunch, the guys headed out to explore the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve so we could enjoy shopping.
The place was packed and there was a line around the building to get into the store to shop - separate from the restaurant line. So as you could image, some items sold out quickly, like the mercantile t-shirts, mugs and coffee.

A few things to know before you visit: 
  • Be prepared to wait outside 
  • Closed on Sunday 
  • Bring lots of money - you’re going to want to buy everything! 
  • If you don’t want to wait to eat at the restaurant you can pick up food from the grab and go. 
Despite the crowds, every employee we encountered was friendly and helpful! Completely worth the drive and having to wait a few hours to eat at the restaurant.

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  1. That food looks amazing! And a helpful heads up about Sunday being closed! Moving to the south (coming from California), I was initially shocked when things were closed on Sundays, but now I've just gotten used to it!

  2. Its such a fun place to visit! WE went last year. Loved every second!

  3. I love the Pioneer Woman! The food looks amazing, and I'm sure I could spend so much money in the shop! What a fun experience.

  4. Oh man the food looks so good! I want some of that asap! Looks like a great place to visit with the family and plenty of yummy food for them to enjoy!

  5. This is helpful! I can see why so many people were visiting! It seems like such a cool place!

  6. I love that everyone treated you so well and was so friendly. I'm sure that helped and you didn't mind the waiting so much.

  7. I have never been to the mercantile. It sounds like a day well spent.

  8. The food look yummy and the day looks like so fun. Excellent read!!

  9. It looks like you all have a great time even with the long wait. The food looks great, I wouldn't mind waiting for that.


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