A Cowboy's Life: be the mom you want them to remember

be the mom you want them to remember

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Fishing is a big deal in my house. My son says it’s his “favorite sport AND hobby.” So I can’t deny taking him to a pond a few times a week. He never gets tired of going. 
I’ve had to learn how to re-line the pole, untangle the line, attached different hooks & baits for certain fish, how to cast and how to actually get the fish off the hook! Oh how my husband had made this all look so simple…I’ve had to stock up on weights and hooks because there are times when I give up and cut the line.

But no matter how frustrating it is to constantly put on new hooks or having my hands smelling like raw hot dogs (used as bait), it is worth the time spent with him. Seeing my son throw a perfect cast and catch a fish that is almost as big as him is priceless. The joy and smile on his face is worth the struggle & frustration.
It helps remind me that I want to be THAT mom. The mom that says yes. Yes to something he has a passion and excitement for - even if it means I will be tired, sweaty and smelly. Say YES to it even when it’s hard and frustrating, but because he loves it. Yes because it’s important to him.

These moments are fleeting and even though it’s easier to say no, I don’t want to look back and regret not being able to share these kind of moments & memories with him.
What about you? What kind of parents are you striving to be?

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  1. This is grand advice. I have regrets with my older two and am hoping not to make those same ones with my youngest. However, with that said, we do need to allow ourselves grace as moms.

  2. Fishing is something I've always wanted to do as a kid.

  3. You are an amazing mom! My kids are everything to me and I try my best to ensure they always remember that I'm going to have their back, and be there for them.


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