A Cowboy's Life: Keeping Your Sanity as a Mom

Keeping Your Sanity as a Mom

10:43:00 AM

Some days I feel like I have this whole parenting thing down. My child was fed 3 meals and multiple snacks, no injuries and asleep at his normal bedtime. Other days I'm tempted to pull my hair out and ship him off to grandmas house before we've even had breakfast!

Anybody feel me on this? The other day was such a day when I didn't know what to do with the child. He was simply driving my crazy. So despite the fact that it was 100 degrees out, I shoved him out the back door and demanded he not come in until dinner was ready. About 2 minutes later, he was drenched and sweat and asked to play with the water hose.
Sure, whatever keeps you cool and outside to run off your energy! It turned out to be the most marvelous 1 hour of quiet time I have ever had. Who cares that the backyard was flooded and my water bill will go up this month. I was able to hear my own thoughts, read a magazine AND cook dinner in silence.

Once I regrouped and some of my sanity returned back to me, I snapped a few pictures of him playing in the mud. I couldn't resist. Sure he was a mess to clean up afterwards, but it was so worth it!
Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to keep your sanity as a mom. The yard will dry out and end up green - so it's a win, win!

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  1. Wow! That looks like a great time. I'm sure it was a memorable day for him too. Anytime outside is well spent in my opinion.


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