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Simple Life Hacks

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This post was sponsored by Tai Pei and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. 

After enjoying a delicious Tai Pei meal, you can repurpose the containers multiple ways. Anything from a pinhole camera to concrete planter, turning the bowls into fun and unique up-cycled projects.
I recently spent an evening in Dallas with a group of lovely bloggers eating great food and making crafts. It certainly was my kind of night! It started off with making a pinhole camera. Using an empty Tai Pei container, piece of tin can and gaffe tape covering the entire outside (taping the lid separately), we were able to make a pinhole camera.
Using gaffe tape will ensure that no additional light will come through the container. Cut out a small square and attached the piece of tin to the inside of the package. Poke a pin size hole in the tin.

Once your pinhole camera is made, we went into the darkroom to place the photo into our cameras. We covered the pin hole, went out side to set up what we wanted to take pictures of and then uncovered the pinhole.

After about 2 minutes I placed a small piece of gaffe tape over the hole and went inside to develop the image.
Once we dropped off the images we enjoyed more food! We were served Tai Pei Chicken Chow Mein, General Tso’s Spicy Chicken and Beef and Broccoli. My personal favorite was the General Tso’s Spicy Chicken - the rice is infused during the cooking process, which gives it a great flavor.

Tai Pei Asian inspired entrees gives you plenty of options and perfect for those busy nights when you don’t have time or energy to cook. Just place in the microwave for a few minutes and you will have a delicious meal made with real, pure ingredients.

While we tried all the dished we got a first hand look at other DIY projects using the food packaging.

Tai Pei Container Life Hacks 

  • Piñata candle holder - Make sure to use LED lights only! 
  • Concrete Vase - Using a origami vase pattern, cut open the container and trace on the pattern. Fold as stated on the instructions and use gaffe tape to hold in place. Pour in concrete into vase and use a small PVC pipe to create a hole for the flowers. Once set, peal off the outside container. 
  • Concrete Planter - Fill the container with concrete, use a medium size PVC pipe to create a hole for the planter. Let set for about 8 hours and then remove the pipe. Once cement is completely harden remove the packaging. 
  • Fire starter - Place pieces of an old Christmas tree branches in the container with a small piece of tape keeping the lid on. Place fire starter into the fire pit. 
These are all fairly simple to make, so much fun and useful! The concrete and cactus make such a great combination and my son has already asked if we could roast marshmallows soon.

Make sure you use this Tai Pei coupon so you have a night of great food and crafting. You can look on the store locator to find where it's available near you.

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