A Cowboy's Life: Gaming for the Whole Family

Gaming for the Whole Family

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Up until about a few months ago, my son’s technology world solely consisted of his iPad and watching television. Then one day he came home and was suddenly interested in the computer and wanted to learn to type and play games.

So when I had the opportunity to review Super Lucky’s Tale I knew this would be a great way to dive into the online gaming with my son. It’s perfect for all ages and is rated E for everyone.

Lucky, an adorable little fox, is always energetic and on a quest to help his sister keep the the Book of Ages being stolen from the Kitty Litter gang. In his attempt to keep the book from getting stolen, it comes to life and the Kitty Litter gang and Lucky get transported into the pages. In order to get out he must navigate the various world within the book and put a stop to each of the Kitty Litter members. On this quest you will have to go through obstacles, puzzles and hidden foxholes.

My son loves playing this and having Lucky jump, dodge and burrow his way from the enemy. What I like most about this game, is that it's extremely easy to use - nothing too complicated for my six year old. Lucky is such a fun, likable hero that takes you on entertaining adventures.

This is definitely a great introduction into the gaming world! My son is hooked and his new found hobby is certainly playing Super Lucky's Tale.
You can purchase Super Lucky's Tale for $29.99 and is available on Xbox One and Windows 10PC.

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  1. That looks like a fun game and great Christmas idea.

  2. The game sounds fun! Thank you for review on the game. I like playing game on my computer so I think I will add this game to my list.
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