A Cowboy's Life: One of the many reasons I love texas

One of the many reasons I love texas

6:00:00 AM

Every October we pack up and head to Muenster, Texas for a weekend at the most adorable cabin that sits on 100 acres. It’s a weekend filled with fishing, hiking, exploring, s’mores, star gazing and simply enjoying the slower pace of life.
We look forward to this weekend all year long! There is something magical about waking up early in the morning, grabbing our fishing poles and starting the day with some fresh air. It is so wonderful to have a weekend where we have nowhere to go and nothing to do except relax.
Oh how I wish every weekend could look like this!

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  1. You are so luck your son enjoys the outdoors and he's not inside playing video games all day. What a beautiful place for a get away.


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