A Cowboy's Life: Hiking Essentials with Kids

Hiking Essentials with Kids

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Thank you CAPRI SUN for sponsoring this post. You can find CAPRI SUN's four new drinks with All Natural Ingredient and No Sugar Added* products at most grocery retailers nationwide, including local grocery stores, mass merchandisers and club stores. 

Winter weather in Texas is very unpredictable. The other day we had an unseasonably warm day so we decided to pack a picnic, grab our hiking bag and go explore the great outdoors.

Being outside is my son’s happy place and I try to find different nature reserves, parks and hiking trails around our beautiful town for us to explore on the weekends. We chose our local park where we have probably hiked about 100 times and my son thinks it’s his own personal backyard. Seeing him explore and have his imagination run wild is worth having to carry around what he deems as necessary hiking supplies. I guess all little boys need to bring a natural journal, duck call, deer call, bandana, Indiana Jones whip and a slingshot when out exploring?!
I’m not exactly sure what he thinks we will find, but he sure does come prepared!

Despite what little man thinks is essential, I have a pack that I bring each time we go hiking. I like to bring only what is essential. Leaving our lunch in the car so that we can have a picnic when we are done exploring.

Here is what you need to bring hiking with kids:
  • First aid kit - Because more than likely your little one will fall, get scraped and need some sort of bandage 
  • Bug Spray - Mosquitoes are all around, and getting bit up by bugs can ruin the fun quickly. 
  • Wet Wipes - Great for cleaning hands, blowing noses, wiping down scrapes, etc. 
  • Water Bottle - We never leave the house without a bottle of water! 
  • Snacks - Kids will need to take a short break to refuel and rest their legs before moving on. 
  • CAPRI SUN - Of course you need a beverage to go with the snacks! I prefer CAPRI SUN because they have four new drinks are made with All Natural Ingredients, no added sugar*, no artificial colors or high-fructose corn syrup. The drinks have the taste kids love without ingredients that parents don’t want in their kids’s drink. CAPRI SUN understands that parents want to feel good about what they give their kids to eat and drink. That’s the main reason CAPRI SUN created four products with All Natural Ingredients and No Added Sugar*, and why their products have never contained artificial preservatives, colors or flavors – to give parents options with ingredients that fit their preferences.
With these four drink flavors there are plenty of choices for parents and kids to choose from:

NEW CAPRI SUN Fruit Refreshers: A convenient beverage made with a simple combination of all-natural fruit juice and filtered water that has an awesome taste kids love without the sugar that mom doesn’t want. Fruit Refreshers also have 50% less sugar than the average leading fruit juices***  
CAPRI SUN Organic: Certified USDA Organic fruit drink blend aimed at helping parents strike the right balance between what their kids want to drink and what parents feel good about serving.
CAPRI SUN 100% Juice: Served in the classic CAPRI SUN pouch, 100% Juice is a refreshing juice drink offering ¾ cup of fruit juice per pouch.
CAPRI SUN Fruit & Veggie Blends: Previously known as Super V, CAPRI SUN Fruit & Veggie Blends is packed with yummy fruit and veggie juices, giving kids delicious fruit juice with ½ cup of fruit and veggie juice per pouch.
These make the perfect juice drink for on the go. I make sure to pack them when he goes hiking, on picnics and, of course, in his school lunch. CAPRI SUN is a drink that every kid will enjoy!
*Not a low-calorie beverage
**Per 6oz, this produce 10g of sugar, leading average fruit juice 20g of sugar

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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