A Cowboy's Life: Iced Hot Cocoa

Iced Hot Cocoa

9:48:00 AM

This iced hot cocoa with whipped cream and chocolate shavings is the perfect drink to sip while sitting by the fire!

iced hot chocolate
One of our favorite holiday traditions is roasting s’mores in the backyard. It still feels like fall around here, so we don't really need a hot drink when sitting around the bonfire. So I made these iced hot chocolate last weekend to go with our dessert. They are SO good!
iced hot chocolate

1 cup milk
2 tbsp hot cocoa mix
1 cup ice Reddi-wip Original Whipped Topping
Chocolate shavings

  1. Heat milk in a measuring bowl in microwave for 45 seconds. Stir in cocoa mix until will blended. Pour over ice in glass.
  2. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle on chocolate shavings.
  3. Serve immediately.
iced hot chocolate

For my s’more party I needed a few supplies from Oriental Trading:
  • Buffalo plaid glass tumblers
  • Buffalo plaid table runner
  • Buffalo plaid hanging fans
  • Buffalo plaid beverage napkins and dessert plates
  • DIY plank with bark
  • Buffalo plaid throw pillows
  • Buffalo plaid cupcake liners
I adore buffalo plaid and these reindeer glasses are so fun and festive! It's so easy to make a simple evening at home feel like a party when you add a few decorations from Oriental Trading.
iced hot chocolate
Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing items for my s’mores party.

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