A Cowboy's Life: Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving

Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving

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Need some inspiration and ideas to teach kids the joy of giving? Here are some wonderful crafts for children to make and give to others!

Christmas is all about receiving…well, that is what most children will tell you. But I want my son to find joy in giving to others. Knowing that the world doesn’t revolve around them and how much they can brighten someones day by the simple act of kindness and giving.

This year I teamed up with the art teacher at my son's school to help with a service project. Each student in the school made a craft for their parents as well as ornaments to give to home bound church members and those in nursery homes.

It was so sweet to see all of the children and the excitement that had in making the crafts. Not one of them complained about not getting to keep what they made. They took their time and wanted it to be perfect gift.
What you need for teaching kids the joy of giving: 
Inexpensive crafts - Crafts that you can easily duplicated and share with a group of people.
Easy to create - Kids don’t always have the longest attention spans. So it’s best to keep them under 10 minutes.
Creativity - Let the kids get creative and design the gifts how they want. They will enjoy giving to others when they are allowed to make it how they want.
Here is what I ordered from Oriental Trading - the crafts turned out fantastic and the kids had a blast! 
  • Mitten Christmas ornament craft kit
  • Ribbon strip tree ornament craft kit
  • Color your own nativity wheels 
  • Color your own Christmas snow globe ornaments 
  • Thumbprint snowflake Christmas ornament craft kit 
  • Peace, Hope & Joy Christmas ornament craft kit 
  • Magic Color Scratch Inspirational ornaments 
  • Jesus is the reason ornament craft kit 

How do you get your children involved in giving?

Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing items for this post.

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