A Cowboy's Life: Donut Flower Bouquet

Donut Flower Bouquet

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All you need is love and donuts!
Donuts and flowers might be two of my most favorite things. Combine them together and you have the cutest centerpiece for your donut valentine’s day party!
I was never a huge fan of Valentine’s Day (or any Hallmark holiday for that matter) until I had my son. Now I want to celebrate every little holiday so that I can make that day as special and fun as I can. By simply adding festive napkins, drinks out of cute glasses and a craft to go along with the theme, can turn any typical day into a party! And of course donuts - they make everything better. 
These donut flowers are the perfect valentines treat for friends or to make into a bouquet.

Here is how to make a donut flower bouquet 

Materials needed: 
Donut Party Lollipops
Scrapbook Paper
Hot glue gun

  1. Cut out petal designs and hole the size of the lollipops in the center of each paper. 
  2. Cut out several leaves. 
  3. Hot glue the flower petal on top of the lollipop. 
  4. Place on the leaves to end of the sticks using hot glue to complete the flower. 
  5. Arrange the flowers in a vase to be displayed. 
For the donut party I ordered a few supplies from Oriental Trading:
  • Clear Glass Milk Bottles 
  • Gold happy Valentine’s Day napkins 
  • Red square dessert plates 
  • Long White Platter 
  • Wide white ceramic vase with gold trim 
  • Gold foil striped paper straws 
  • Donut party lollipops 
  • Super Paper Sheets 
It’s so easy and simple to throw a little soiree at home when you add a few party supplies from Oriental Trading.
What about you? Are planning something special for Valentine’s day? Be sure to shop for all your party supplies at Oriental Trading.

*Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing items for my donut valentine’s day party!

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  1. Make everyday a holiday. Its easy when you have little ones.


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