A Cowboy's Life: Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Newsflash, swimsuit season is right around the corner! If that’s not motivation enough to keep you going on your fitness journey than I don’t know what is. I started a new workout program in January with a couple of girlfriends and I am loving it. Being held accountable certainly helps get me to the gym on the days when I’d rather go shopping or laying on the couch catching up on my Netflix shows.
Along with my fitness program, I have also been cutting out all the junk and making better choices. Honestly, it hasn’t been that difficult since I discovered FAGE Total Split Cup yogurt. This all-natural Greek, strained yogurt with fruit toppings comes in 3 fat varieties: FAGE Total (whole milk), 2% and 0% Split Cup.
FAGE Total 0% Split Cup comes in several fruit varieties with only 11g sugar and 13g protein making this the perfect breakfast, on-the-go snack or indulgent dessert. My favorite is the strawberry FAGE Total 0% - so rich and creamy! It’s delicious and a fantastic pre-workout snack that is satisfying and gives me energy to get through the grueling gym time. Being a split cup, you get to choose how much topping you want in your snack. Of course I like mine with ALL of the strawberries.
How to set & achieve your fitness goals! 
  • Write down your goals - Whether it’s a number of pounds you want to lose, an old pair of jeans you want to fit in or number of push up you want to reach. Write it down. 
  • Set a path to achievement - Map out a plan of how to achieve your goals. Is it cutting out sugar, running 3 days a week, weight training, etc? 
  • Make a schedule - Add that time into your daily schedule. For me, I workout first thing in the morning. The end of the day I’m tired and will come up with a million excuses of why I can’t get to the gym. 
  • Track your progress - Track your workouts and meal plans. It keeps you accountable and feels good to see your accomplishments on paper. 
  • Don’t give up - Think of what is motivating you to live a healthier life. Think of the progress you have already made and realize you are capable of succeeding in this journey! 
Be the best version of YOU! Next time you are out grocery shopping, be sure to pick up FAGE Total Split Cup - your diet will thank you.

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