A Cowboy's Life: Valentines Tic Tac Toe

Valentines Tic Tac Toe

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Valentine's Tic Tac Toe boards are the perfect gift for kids of all ages!
My son is a kindergartner and I think this is my favorite age so far. (Although I seem to say that about every stage.) He is reading, writing, more independent and wants to play board games ALL of the time.

In a span of about 3 months, we went from 1 board game in our house to about 15! The kid is addicted. The games have been a great learning tool and hours of entertainment for those days when it’s been too cold to play outside.

So because of his new found interest in board games, I thought I would make his classmates a Tic Tac Toe boards to go along with the candy I bought. This game is simple to make and I the students will enjoy them.
I ordered supplies from Oriental Trading which is my go-to for party and craft supplies. My favorite day is mail day so I can start a new craft.

How to make Valentines Tic Tac Toe 

Supplies Needed: 
Washi Tape Set
DIY unfinished wood square plaques
DIY unfinished wood circle assortment


  1. Using washi tape, place 4 strips on plaques to create the game board. 
  2. To make the O’s cut a square from a roll of washi and place on the wood circle. Repeat until you have 5 game pieces. 
  3. To make the X’s use washi tape to make a X and place on wood circle. Repeat until you have 5 game pieces. 
It’s that simple! Each game took about 5 minutes to make. But them in a cute Valentines Day bag and let your little one hand them out to friends.
Do you have your Valentine’s ready for your kids school parties? Be sure to check out Oriental Trading for inspiration, gifts, decorations and crafts supplies!

*Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing items for this valentine’s day tic tac toe craft!

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