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About Us

The myth about Texas is that everyone lives on a ranch and rides horses all day. Of course this isn't true at all. But our family is on a mission to make that a reality for us. Our goal is to move out of the city, buy a piece of land and become cowboys!

Follow along as we follow our dream to be cowboys. I'm Chastity, married to Chad and mama to Carson.

A little more about me:
  • I graduated with a degree in photojournalism from University of North Texas and an MBA from Texas Wesleyan University. 
  • I recently made a career change and am enjoying my new life as a Junior High teacher.
  • I love shopping, Dr. Pepper, a good book, flowers and college football
  • I was married in Las Vegas - but not by Elvis.
  • I'm addicted to chapstick
  • I never can find what I'm looking for in the refrigerator (this is extremely frustrating!)
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